Thank you to Hamilton County voters

I am once again grateful the voters of Hamilton County have chosen me to represent them on the Hamilton County Council for the next four years; I will maintain my focus on being the taxpayer’s advocate and prioritizing spending on supporting and improving our County government’s great parks, public safety resources and transportation infrastructure.
The silence from other officials, who would be screaming from the rooftops if the same crime had been perpetrated against them, has been amazingly deafening and inexplicable.

I look forward to the Special Prosecutor and Special Court assigned to handle the criminal charge against Jeff Hern delivering justice. There should be no reward of receiving a political office by participating in criminal mischief. Again, I call on other officials to demonstrate their respect for both fair play and adherence to legal activity in political campaigns by condemning the actions of Jeff Hern and asking him to resign as trustee and the County Council today.