Carmel Chamber of Commerce

Here’s the candidate response I submitted to the Carmel Chamber of Commerce, outlining my positions and asking voters to re-elect me to the Council:

Hamilton County leads Indiana in the areas of quality of life, citizen safety and fiscally responsible county government.  I have been involved in funding many of the projects which have contributed to this success. I would like to continue to represent the citizens as an advocate for the taxpayer and work to maintain the County’s position as a leader in fiscal responsibility.

There has been cooperation, collaboration and compromise by the County Council with County Commissioners on various projects, as evidenced by multiple government awards.

Everyone can say YES to spending money; I have an established and proven reputation saying NO to projects that are a misuse or waste of taxpayer dollars.

Council approves $12M for S.R. 37 expansion

The Indianapolis Business Journal just published news of the Hamilton County Council’s unanimous approval of the S.R. 37 expansion project.

 “There’s been virtually no dispute that all of us are in favor of this project. I think it would be a great improvement… it’s a win-win, so I’m all for it.” — Rick McKinney

Read the full article here.

Rick McKinney announces re-election campaign!

I am excited to announce today that I am filing for re-election to the Hamilton County Council, in the May 3, 2016 Republican Primary.

I believe I should be re-elected because I am the one official who, to his word, has kept all promises made in all of my campaigns. There will be continued pressures by other officials and outside interests to increase taxes or create new taxes, spend and spend but the Council is the only safety net for taxpayers to prevent wasteful spending and tax increases at the County level.

Hamilton County government weathered the recession financially solvent and with a healthy reserve in large part to the County Council’s prudent allocation of tax dollars.

I have supported and will continue to support necessary funding for PPP: Pavement (roads/bridges), Parks (quality of life), and Public Safety (Sheriff, Jail, Emergency Communications, Courts, Probation, Prosecutor and Community Corrections).

I have both the experience and independence needed to separate “needs” from “wants,” which will become even more critical as County revenues continue to stagnate or decline and expenses increase with more demand for government services. I have voted against projects that were bad ideas or a waste of taxpayers’ money and will continue to do the same if re-elected.

I want to continue in my position for the next four years as there will continue to be much change and uncertainty facing the County’s finances. I believe the County is best equipped to meet those challenges by my experienced record of responsible financial stewardship on the Council.

My primary goals for the next four years include:

1. Maintain the Council’s established pattern of fiscal responsibility

2. Restore transparency of Council meetings with live and archived webcasts

I have been very responsive to fellow citizens’ concerns and answered personally every telephone call, letter or email I have received regarding a County government issue. I will continue to be a faithful and humble public servant for the taxpayers and citizens of Hamilton County.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me at 317-590-3710 or e-mail me at:

Thank you!