I have been extremely privileged to receive several endorsement letters from leading County officials expressing support for my campaign. Some brief excerpts are included below; to read the original letters, just click on the thumbnail image.

  • “Rick’s dedication, leadership, vision and commitment to public safety are key qualities that are needed in our public officials as we move forward during these difficult economic times.” — Mark Bowen, Hamilton County Sheriff (2011-2018)
  • “Rick’s support of technological improvements and critical infrastructure development resulted in streamlined operations and allowed us to continue the high standard of public safety that each citizen deserves.” — Doug Carter, Hamilton County Sheriff (2003-2010)
  • “He is a fiscal conservative who is not swayed by the political calculations that move so many others in elected office.  I have observed him time and again taking principled stands that represent the best interests of the residents of our County and I am proud to recommend him to you for re-election to the County Council!” — Rick Sharp, former President, Carmel City Council
  • “Public servant Rick has demonstrated repeatedly that he is willing to stand alone to ask questionsthat fully disclose issues and their costs. He’s unafraid of pompous politicians serving themselves and their special interests when your tax dollars are at stake. ” — Sharon Clark, former Hamilton County Commissioner and Councilwoman